• ACL Injury Prevention Clinic at Gaglione Strength

    ATTENTION Coaches, parents, and athletes

    I am very excited to announce a really unique and important event I have coming up! It has been something that has been on my mind for quite some time.

    As you know knee injuries are a HUGE problem in many sports and even a bigger problem for female athletes due to the unique architecture and angle of their hips. A few weeks ago I had a talk with my friend Jim (who is a awesome PT in the area) about how ACL injuries are becoming more common even at young ages. It is really alarming to see athletes who aren’t in high school having debilitating knee pain keeping them off of the field. Well that my friends is just UNACCEPTABLE.

    Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of solid information out there on how to prevent knee and ACL injuries for athletes. Most of the time people will just advise the athlete to stop participating in sports and take some time off rather than actually addressing the problem. The issue is often times this is a strength and stability issue and if the athlete doesn’t possess a general level of strength, stability, and movement they will always keep injuring themselves.The good news myself and my good friend Jim Alberry are teaming up to bring you a FREE clinic on how to prevent ACL injuries.

    You will learn
    –  How ACL injuries occur on the field & how to prevent them
    -The TRUTH about speed & power training and if it is helping or hurting athletes
    -Fatal Flaws during Fundamental Exercises that will hinder your performance & health
    -PROVEN Corrective Exercise Strategies to ensure you have Bullet Proof Knees

    We will also have some time for Q and A so you get exactly what YOU need from this clinic. In a nut shell we are 100% committed to your specific needs whether you are a coach, athlete, or proactive parent.

    So Why should you trust us?

    We aren’t just some pencil neck professor spitting out science terms who have never seen a barbell. On the flip side we certainly aren’t just meatheads who have no practical knowledge and have never taken an anatomy class either. We understand the science and we KNOW how to apply it since we have delt we countless numbers of athletes and have help them perform to the best of their abilities. You are going to get a blend of proven science with practical knowledge.

    Dr. Alberry is a practicing physical therapist who has spent his entire career in outpatient orthopedics and sports medicine.

    He graduated from The State University at Buffalo with his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. At Buffalo, Jim played Division I football and with that experience he understands what is needed when returning athletes to the highest level. Dr. Alberry is passionate about strength training, injury prevention and performance enhancement. He has experience treating and working with PGA golf professionals, Division I athletes, Ironman competitors, marathon runners, strongman competitors and powerlifters. He serves as a consultant for several PGA golf professionals. Dr. Alberry has a special interest in movement assessment and functional training and is currently pursing continued education in these specific areas.

    -Jim Alberry PT, DPT

    John Gaglione is a strength coach out of Long Island, New York. John trains a wide variety of athletes at his facility located in Farmingdale New York. He specializes in spitting out champion wrestlers and improving maximal strength for all athletes and “average joes”.

    John has also written many strength and conditioning articles for major online publications such as Elite Fitness Systems, Testosterone Nation, One Result, and is the featured strength & conditioning author for Long Island Wrestling Association.

    An avid strength athlete John also has a lot of “under the bar experience” and has competed in the sport of powerlifting for several years. If you would like to learn more about John you can reach him at gaglionestrength.com or e-mail him at [email protected].

    -Coach John Gaglione

    Here are the details
    Where? Gaglione Strength 32 Unit D Allen Boulvard, Famingdale, NY, 11735
    When? October 21st Sunday 10am-12pm
    How much? Absolutely 100% FREE, but we can only accommodate the first 20 people to sign up! Once all seats are taken the doors will be closed and they will be closed for good!

    E-mail [email protected] before October 15th to sign up and reserve your spot! Coaches, parents, and athletes are all welcome!

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  • NEW Powerful Personal Training at Gaglione Strength Fitness Farmingdale


    For the first time ever we are opening up Gaglione Strength to the general public. We are now offering fitness classes at Gaglione Strength. This isn’t your typical group exercise or Bootcamp class this is POWERFUL PERSONAL TRAINING at the NEW location of Gaglione Strength in Farmingdale New York!
    Are you tired of…
    -Trying to figure out what program is best to reach YOUR PERSONAL goals?

    -Going back to the gym and not having a CLUE of where YOU should start?

    -Attending group exercise classes where YOU get ZERO attention from the class instructor?

    -Putting in hours at the gym and not getting the RESULTS YOU DESERVE?

    Well the good news is Gaglione Strength has the answer to ALL YOUR problems!

    So why should you trust Gaglione Strength?

    I am sure you have heard by now about some of athlete & strength training going on at Gaglione Strength. We have gotten some amazing results with our methods! This past year we have had athletes sign to D-1 and Ivy League schools after training with us many getting scholarships & even one athlete NY State wrestling tournament!

    So YOU aren’t an athlete anymore or maybe you were NEVER an athlete so why should you care about Gaglione Strength?  Well what is really cool about the training systems we use at Gaglione Strength is that our programs can be modified to meet ANY need no matter what YOUR current fitness level or goal. Whether YOU are a beginner just looking to get back into shape & lose a couple of pounds or YOU are a seasoned gym rat looking to really take your training to the next level!  We can accommodate YOU with our Powerful Personal Training Classes at Gaglione Strength.

    Well the good news is we are opening up a BRAND NEW Fitness class that will be tailored to YOUR needs!  Mention this post and you can try our Powerful Personalized training program for FREE  during the week of June 4th. This includes up to 3 coaching sessions per week with our expert coaching staff and a personalized program specifically designed to meet YOUR needs!

    Class times are [email protected] starting June 4th. Contact us today to schedule your trial workout to test drive our program! We are dedicated to YOUR success! We look forward to helping YOU reach YOUR Goals!

    E-mail [email protected] for more details and to sign up for your trial workout TODAY!  WEEK TRIAL LIMITED TO THE FIRST 12 People that sign up! Act NOW to reserve your spot TODAY!

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  • Victory 4 Vinny at Gaglione Strength Farmingdale






    Hey guys Coach Gaglione here,

    Things have been going great with a the new location in Farmingdale and we are attracting people from all over to train even people from as far as the Monroe Woodbury area in downstate New York. One my of athletes AJ and his family drive over an hour and a half each way every Sunday morning to get their strength and conditioning workouts in at Gaglione Strength. That is true dedication! But this post today isn’t about me or AJ it is about something much bigger.

    As you know I have been involved in the training of wrestlers for the past number of years. Wrestling really molded me into the man I am today. There is something different about the sport. It really teaches you do deal with adversity and find the will to win. After spending hours each weekend with your teammates and your team’s family you also become very close. Wrestling is a very tight community and even though we have our issues when there is a problem we come together and we come together strong. There is something about the bond in the wrestling community that is just simply impossible to break.

    Well unfortunately I have some bad news and the I am taking this team to tell you we are in desperate need of YOUR help! Whether you are a part of the wrestling community or not please take the time to read this post.

    The kid AJ I was telling you about is very close with a wrestler on his team that was just diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma. I am not sure if you guys know anything about cancer, but THERE IS NO STAGE 5! The kid his name is Vinny Vespa. He is an ANIMAL on the mat and doesn’t have the word quit in his vocabulary! No matter how bad it looks he always finds a way to win! He is an exceptional wrestler that has a heart of a Lion and is fighting strong, just as we would expect a wrestler to be, but he NEEDS YOUR HELP! The battle with cancer is going to be his toughest battle yet and he NEEDS OUR SUPPORT!

    Now I am only one person, but imagine if all of the wrestling communities for New York, New Jersey and the rest of the tri-state area came together? That would be really special. I KNOW the bond between all of the wrestling communities are so strong that you guys are going to share out this message and do everything in your power to help this fine young man.

    So YOU might be asking, “How can I help?” The first thing you should do is create awareness so please share this post out, e-mail it to your friends in the wrestling community, share it on your facebook timelines, and twitter pages and any other social networks you may have. Just creating awareness can really help this cause.

    There are two big two events to help support the cause. One is at Gaglione Strength and one is at Monroe Woodbury High School. All of the proceeds will go directly to toward helping Vinny Vespa’s recovery and fight with Cancer.

    Here are the details for the Event at Gaglione Strength

    Victory 4 Vinny Wrestling Strength Challenge at Gaglione Strength
    When: Sunday June 24th at 9am Check in Event Starts at 9:15  Sharp! Will will be Finished before 11:45am
    Where: Gaglione Strength 32 Allen Boulevard, Farmingdale, NY, 11735 Additional Parking available on Baiting Place road
    What: Three Strength Challenges to Support Vinny Vespa $20 Registration Fee additional donations will be accepted
    T-Shirts to All Competitors
    Prizes for Contest Winners
    All Proceeds will go to aid in Vinny’s Fight against Cancer
    Limited to the first 40 who sign up
    Registration Deadline June 20th

    Sign Up Here.

    Once the event is complete all of the donations will be tallied and sent as a group!

    * We will offer Free workouts on Wednesday’s at 6pm June 6th, June 13th, June 20th to help prepare anyone who wants to take part in this event.

    Monkey Bar & Pull Up Challenge Max Distance

    Must perform a pull up at every rung. At the turn you must perform a pull up before and after the turning point. Max Distance wins. In the event of a tie the heavier body weight will win.
    -Chin Must clear the bar at every rung
    -Excessive kipping, heaving or swing of the legs is not allowed
    -Chalk is allowed no other grip aids will be permitted

    Weighted (4 Chains) Push Ups for Max Reps in a Minute

    The athlete will perform weighted push ups with an external resistance of 80 pounds (4 chains). Full depth and lockout will be required. Highest number of reps wins. In the event of a tie the heavier body weight will win.
    – All reps must be full locked out.
    -All reps will be performed with a full range of motion.
    -Dumbbells will utilized for push up handles. No other aids will be allowed.

    48kg Kettlebell Goblet Box Squat Max Reps in a Minute

    The athlete will cheat clean(use two hands) a 48kg (106 pounds) kettlebell into the goblet position and perform box squats to a 14 inch box. Maximum amount of repetitions will win the event. In the event of a tie the lower body weight will win.
    -Lifter must fully establish control and lockout their hips and knees after every rep
    – Lifter must sit onto the box every rep and not crash onto the box
    -No lifting belts or aids are allowed for this event

    Here are the details for the Take Down Tournament at Monroe Woodbury High School

    The Victory 4 Vinny Takedown Tournament
    Saturday June 30th at 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
    Monroe Woodbury High School,  155 DUNDERBERG RD., CENTRAL VALLEY, NY
    Divisions: Middle School, High School, and Open Divisions
    Cost: All proceeds from the tournament are going directly to the Vespa family to help Vinny in this Battle. The registration cost will be $20.00, USA wrestling cards are NOT REQUIRED
    Extras: Family Fun Day with face painting, cotton candy, and bouncy castles

    For more information about the Takedown Tournament E-mail [email protected]

    Link to Online Registration

    Link to Flyer

    If you are a member of the wrestling community or just wanted to support an awesome cause PLEASE at the very least share this post to create awareness. Let’s come together and help this kid out! Whether you are an athlete, wrestlers, or just a family member there is something you can do to help support this very noble cause.

    If for some reason you can’t make either event due to prior engagements here is a link to donate. Every dollar counts!

    Thank you for YOUR Support!


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  • Farmingdale Grand Opening at NEW and Improved Gaglione Strength Farmingdale!

    Guys Coach Gaglione here,

    It has been a CRAZY year at Gaglione Strength! Well we have another amazing milestone at Gaglione Strength…. We have OFFICIALLY MOVED to our OWN location! This has been a HUGE dream of mine since I was a young kid. I was always into lifting weights and getting stronger for my sport, but I never would have imagined I would have the opportunity to run my own personal gym!

    To celebrate the new move Gaglione Strength hosting will be hosting a grand opening party Sunday May 20 from 3pm-6pm.
    We are going to have some food and music to kick off the festivities as well as an open workout for anyone who wants to test drive the new gym. Athletes, parents, and coaches are ALL welcome. Any who is serious about training for wrestling should be at this event.

    This gym is NOT for everyone, but if you are an person who wants to take their training to the next level Gaglione Strength’s coaching and training environment is second to none! You will also get to see some lifting demonstrations and check out some of the UNIQUE equipment and methods we offer at Gaglione Strength.


    Here are the details

    Who: Anyone who wants to have a KILLER time training, learning or just hanging out and grabbing a bite to eat while watching some of the action unfold! You will get to connect with Gaglione Strength athletes and coaches as well as many other special guests. Parents, coaches, athletes, friends and family are ALL welcome.

    What: Food, Music, heavy lifting and an AMAZING experience. We will have some strength challenges, prizes and give aways for all guests! T-shirts, DVDs, memberships and other surprises will be in store at this event. You don’t want to miss out on these prizes!

    When: Sunday May 20 3pm-6pm Come whenever you want but we are also offering as FREE one week trial to Gaglione Strength for the first 15 guests so make sure you get there early to take advantage of this special offer.

    Where: Address: Gaglione Strength 32 Allen Boulevard Unit D, Farmingdale NY, 11735

    RSVP by May 15 Space is LIMITED on a first come first serve basis.
    E-mail [email protected] to Let us know you are coming!

    Also be sure to Check out our Event page on Facebook for more Updates CLICK HERE

    FIRED UP FOR THIS!!! Come celebrate with us!

    See you on May 20th!


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  • Strong Island Challenge Results

    Strong Island Challenge Results!

    Man it was  a CRAZY day at the gym this past Saturday! We only had a handful of people step up to the challenge, but everyone that competed had an amazing time and hit some crazy numbers! There were many PRs smashed and some very close attempts at some BIG weights in these odd lifts.

    Check out the official results below to see how everyone did! Make sure to check back on our fan page on facebook as well as our youtube channel for more videos and updates from the competition. I am going to post a lot more pics and video in the near future!

    Here are the OFFICIAL Scores and places in each category

    Anthony Infante CHAMPION

    Front Squat 405 tied for 2nd
    DB Clean and Press 180 1st
    Axle Deadlift 555 1st

    Mark Greenstein Tied for 2nd then 2nd after Mystery Tie Breaker Event

    Front Squat 405 tied for 2nd
    DB Clean and Press 140 tied for 3rd
    Axle Deadlift 550 2nd
    ULTIMATE TIE BREAKER First 300lb each hand Farmers Hold for time :26

    John Gaglione
    Tied for 2nd then 3rd after Mystery Tie Breaker Event

    Front Squat 455 1st
    DB Clean and Press 140 Tied for 3rd
    Axle Deadlift 490 3rd
    ULTIMATE TIE BREAKER Second 300lb each hand Farmers Hold for time :19

    Anthony Vidal 4th

    Front Squat 350 4th
    DB Clean and Press 160 2nd
    Axle Deadlift 450 4th

    Ian DiGiacomo 5th

    Front Squat 315 5th
    DB Clean and Press 100  5th
    Axle Deadlift 430 5th

    EVENT Awards

    Best Front Squat John Gaglione

    Best Axle Deadlift and DB Clean and Press Anthony Infante

    Most VASCULAR and Paleo Mark Greenstein

    Biggest Forerams Anthony Vidal

    Most Improved Ian DiGiacomo PRed in every LIFT!!!

    Thanks to everyone that attended, lifted, helped out, and judged the event.  Stay tuned for more kick ass events and challenges at Gaglione Strength!

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  • Want to TEST your Strength? Check out the STRONG Island Contest at Gaglione Strength!

    Want to TEST your Strength on Saturday? Check out the STRONG Island Classic at Gaglione Strength!

    We are having a UNIQUE hybrid Strongman Powerlifting contest with some really cool events Everyone can do!

    Too my of best buds Anthony Vidal and Anthony Infante are very competitive Strongman athletes and they are especially competitive with each other.  There has been lots of smack talk going back and forth so I suggested why not have a contest at Gaglione Strength to settle the score! I also decided this will be a in house competition, but also open to the public. I am going to have some cool prizes for anyone that comes outside of Gaglione Strength! (more on the prizes later…)

    Here is where the sh!t talking all started… We went to visit pro strongman and world’s strongest man competitor Mike Jenkins to learn some technique. Anthony and Anthony kept trying to one up one another…

    So we are going to settle the score once and for all and have a “friendly” contest to see who is the better strength athlete! That way they can get back to training and not turn every training session into a mini- Arnold classic!!!

    What’s cool is YOU can get a chance to compete along side them and test drive the events so YOU can see where you stand OR just sit back grab some popcorn and watch all of the fun and heavy lifting!

    The contest will be Saturday February 18th and start at 12pm

    Here are the events You will get 3 Attempts in each event. You cannot lower the weight only increase it.

    Front Squat to Box (15 Inch Box) with Cross Hand Grip
    -Must use a cross hand grip
    -Belt and chalk is allowed
    -No suits or squat briefs or knee wraps are permitted
    -Must sit completely on box and stand erect
    -Must want for Rack Command before walking back in
    – Minimum 20 pound jump for all attempts

    Here is a video of a good lift(contest will be for one rep even though a triple is shown in video. Same box height will be used in video)

    Thick Handle DB Clean and Press Max Weight

    -Must use a Two Arm Clean to get the bell in position
    -Free Hand may assist to get bell in position to press
    -Strict Press, push press, and push jerk are allowed. Split Jerk is NOT permitted
    -Belt and Chalk and wrist wraps are permitted
    -Elbows sleeves are NOT permitted
    – Must lockout completely overhead and wait for DOWN command before lowering to shoulder and then the ground
    -Minimum 10 pound jump for all attempts

    Here is a video of a explaining the lift(use the two hand clean)

    Axle Deadlift

    -Must perform conventional style deadlift, double overhand or over/under grip is allowed
    -Belt and Chalk is permitted
    -Suits, straps or wraps are NOT permitted
    -hitching/ramping up/supporting the bar on the thighs is NOT permitted
    – Must stand erect and wait for DOWN Command
    -Minimum 20 Pound jumps for all attempts

    Here is a video of a good lift

    Your score will be determined by the event placing.

    1st  =10 points
    2nd = 8
    3rd= 5
    4th= 3
    5th= 1

    The highest total number of points will win!
    In the event of a TIE there will be a tie breaker event!

    Will we also have a Mystery Event for Tie Breaker !

    Event will be limited to the first 8 5 people that sign up. 3 Spots are already gone.


    (Excluding both Anthony Vidal and Anthony Infante)

    1st place wins either a Pass to the Supreme Strength Seminar OR (if you are local) a FREE 3 Month Membership to Gaglione Strength

    2nd Place Wins a Copy of the Gaglione Strength Performance Enhancement Seminar and T-shirt and (if you are local) a FREE month membership to Gaglione Strength

    3rd Place wins a Gaglione Strength T-Shirt and (If you are local) A Free Week Membership to Gaglione Strength

    IF ANYONE can beat Anthony Vidal AND Anthony Infante you will Win the GRAND PRIZE of a YEAR membership to Gaglione Strength OR an exclusive VIP pass to all seminars at Gaglione Strength for One year!!!!

    E-mail [email protected] to sign up for the Strong Island Classic.


    Register by 2.13.12 to reserve your spot!

    *In order for prizes to be in effect we need at least 6 lifters to be competing in the contest.
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  • The Holidays is ALL about giving NOT Receiving! Check out our Special Holiday Workout this Saturday at Gaglione Strength!

    The Holidays is ALL about giving NOT Receiving! Check out our Special Holiday Workout this Saturday at Gaglione Strength!

    Hey guys Coach Gaglione here,

    I have a special announcement for you today.

    In the spirit of the Holiday Season and Christmas Gaglione Strength is giving away a FULL WEEK of training FREE next week for all NEW members. We are also going to have a Christmas Eve morning workout at 10am open to everyone who wants to get a kick ass training session in before they consume lots of holiday treats over the next few days ! It is going to be an awesome time, especially since all of our college athletes will be home crushing their workouts!

    All you need to do is e-mail [email protected]. The spots are limited to the first 8 people to sign up and the deadline is 12pm 12.21.12 to sign up.

    Training on Holidays like Christmas is a  perfect opportunity to get ONE day better than all of your opponents if you are an athlete. If you don’t compete in athletics it is a great day to get a strength workout in since you will be consuming those extra calories to help promote your recovery and muscle growth. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and get a HARD workout in!

    Here is the video from our  2011 Christmas Eve workout! I expect this workout to be EVEN BETTER!

    Are YOU going to join 7 other ass kickers and get one workout better than everyone else?

    Hope to see you this Christmas Eve!

    Happy Holidays from Gaglione Strength!

    And remember this Holiday season give yourself the GIFT of STRENGTH and come to Gaglione Strength!

    Educate, Motivate, Dominate
    -Coach Gaglione

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  • Special Thanksgiving Workout

    Hey guys Coach Gaglione here,

    I have a special announcement for you today.

    In the spirit of Thanksgiving Gaglione Strength is giving away a FULL WEEK of training FREE next week for all new members. We are also going to have a Thanksgiving morning workout at 10am open to everyone who wants to get a kick ass training session in before they consume lots of protein!  It is going to be an awesome time, especially since all of our college athletes will be home!

    All you need to do is e-mail [email protected]. The spots are limited to the first 8 people to sign up and the deadline is 12pm 11.21.11 to sign up.

    Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to take advantage of. It is a perfect opportunity to get ONE day better than  all of your opponents if you are an athlete. If you don’t compete in athletics it is a great day to get a strength workout in since you will be consuming those extra calories to help promote your recovery and muscle growth. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and get a HARD workout in!

    Here is the video from 2011

    Are YOU going to join 7 other ass kickers and get one workout better than everyone else?

    Hope to see you this Thanksgiving!

    Happy Turkey day

    Educate, Motivate, Dominate
    -Coach Gaglione

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  • ALL NEW Strongman Sundays coming to Gaglione Strength

    Want to get swole on Sundays?


    During the first Sunday of this  month we are offering a free workout to kickoff our Strongman Sundays program. We have a crew of strongman and powerlifters coming in to support YOUR needs.

    Are YOU TIRED of….

    X Doing the same old routine and not getting any results?

    X Always being injured using the wrong lifting techniques?

    X Hitting plateaus in YOUR training?

    X Not making the gains that YOU deserve for all the time you put in?

    The GOOD NEWS is with strong man Sundays will solve YOUR problems.

    YOU will….

    • Learn to Lift kettlebells for strength & power endurance training
    • Train with a group that will push YOU to push past your limits
    • Lift odd objects for core stability and real functional strength
    • How to train for athleticism as well as strength and muscle gain
    • Lift Barbells the right way so YOU reduce injuries and become super strong
    • Become brutally strong, powerful, and gain muscle in a short period of time

    The details

    Sundays at 12pm

    Starting November 4th at Gaglione Strength

    Strongman Sunday is FREE workout to kick off our strongman program at Gaglione Strength. It is limited to the first 10 participants to sign up. 


    To sign up simply e-mail [email protected] with the subject line Strongman Sundays.

    Hope to see you there

    Educate, Motivate, Dominate

    -Coach Gaglione

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